Nepal Is Planning To Produce Remedisivir Inside Nepal


Covid-19 | Remedisivir, a drug used to treat Covid-19 infections, will be produced in Nepal. The drug will be manufactured in Nepal after the Department of Drug Management gave permission to produce it.

Santosh KC, information officer of the department, informed that permission has been given to Birgunj-based National Health Care to produce remedisivir. It is said that permission has been given only after looking at all the structures of the pharmaceutical company and producing them.

Earlier, the drug was brought to Nepal from India and Bangladesh. The price of the medicine is around Rs 5,000. Vice President of National Health Care Ajay Pandey informed that preparations have been made to import raw material from China after getting permission. It is said that the raw material for the medicine will be brought by June 30 and will be produced in the market after 15 days.