Hacker’s stealing user data in the name of Aximeter app, request not to download


There are many apps available in the Google Play Store to measure the level of oxygen. A study has shown that most of these apps are fake. A study by security research firm Quick Hill Security found that hackers were collecting user information through the Aximeter app available in the Play Store.

Cyber Security: Downloading an app? Don't take that risk without enough  precaution

With the start of the second wave of Covid-19, there is a high demand for oximeters mainly in Asian countries. Mobile apps have been created in this regard as the demand in the market has increased saying that it will be easy to measure the oxygen level of the patient. It is said that the level of oxygen can be measured through the mobile app and the number of people downloading the app on mobile is also significant. That’s why Quick Hill’s research team studied it.

Most of them are found to be fake apps. It is mentioned that hackers are collecting important information of the user through this. However, hackers are also collecting important information of various Trojan banks by making fake versions of some official apps. Such Trojan is said to be available in both paid and free apps. Therefore, researchers have even requested to be safe from such apps.