Gmail’s storage is over, so you can increase space for free like this, know its complete process


At present, usually every person has a personal to professional Gmail account. But now the unlimited storage of Gmail Photos is running out. In such a situation, the mail sent to you may get bounced when 15GB of storage is over. To avoid this, users should keep their mail box clean from time to time, so that unnecessary mail can be deleted. However, it is very difficult to select an e-mail one by one and then delete it. In such a situation, we are telling you how to delete email in an extremely easy way to increase the space of Gmail.

How to Free Up Space in Gmail | WIRED

15GB of storage is available for these services of Google

In fact, up to 15GB of storage is provided to each Gmail account, which it has to share with Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive. In this way you can increase the extra space by deleting Gmail’s unnecessary mail.

Here is the whole process:

  • The user has to first open the Gmail account.

  • After this, type “has:attachment larger:10M” in the search bar.

  • Then more than 10MB file will be searched.

  • This way you can delete more than 10MB of unnecessary mail simultaneously.

  • Users can easily delete an email of 10MB or less or more in the search list by searching for it.