If you use mobile Hotspot, then know its Disadvantages


The lockdown period has been going on for the last one year due to the Covid-19 epidemic. At such a time, most people are doing work from home. Internet access is done through mobile hotspots in remote areas, especially where Wi-Fi and broadband facilities are not available. Mobile hotspots have become quite common for work from home.

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However, mobile hotspots have their disadvantages as well. If you use a mobile hotspot for a long time, it not only ends your data quickly, but also drains the battery of the smartphone soon. In such a situation, these precautions should be taken care of while using mobile hotspot.

User should take these precautions

  • While using the mobile hotspot, the user should close the unnecessary apps, which keep running in the background of the phone. This can prevent the occurrence of battery drain quickly. For example, the user should turn off the phone’s location, screen brightness, notifications. Also, the power saving mode should be turned on.

  • The user should not keep the hotspot on all the time. It is often seen that some people forget to turn on the hotspot. This affects the battery performance of your smartphone. Also, there will be an attempt to access your internet data through devices around you.

  • Mobile based hotspot offers less speed than Wi-Fi. In such a situation, it would be better if broadband facility is available, then it should be used.

  • Mobile based hotspot should not be used for a long time. It is much more expensive than Wi-Fi and broadband. Also slow internet speed is available. While in broadband, high speed can be achieved in recharge of low rupees.