3 Words That All Bloggers Should Take More Seriously


There are many things that we as bloggers should be worried about from domains to hosting, on-page to off-page to technical SEO, what type of content should we produce, how often should we produce content, social media marketing, and SO MANY other things that I could name.

For a lot of people that get into the blogging space, we want instant gratification and success. It becomes so easy to cut corners and start doing unconventional things to try to get an edge but as search engine algorithms become more complex you should really take heed of these three words:

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness which is an acronym for E-A-T. This is a Google ranking factor that is so underrated and not discussed as much as it should be. I will explain to those who may have heard of it but may not have taken it too seriously while blogging.

1. Expertise: Are you an expert on the topics that you are producing on your blog? Do you have relevant life experience(s) of the subject matter? Being an expert is as simple as being an author on said topic and having a reputation for helping people in that particular space. No formal education is required.

2. Authoritativeness: Is the content, website, and author accepted throughout the industry or niche? What can support authority are other websites either in the same industry or niche which is very helpful OR other high authority websites that the author is either mentioned on or perhaps maybe written an article for as well. COOL HACK: Set up “branded” social media accounts for your blogs and be active on those too. For instance, if your blog is called, “Best Bitcoin Miner” then make sure that your social pages are set up with the same name. DO NOT JUST SET UP SOCIAL ACCOUNTS…GROW THEM by sharing cool stuff and engaging with others in your community! Doing this will show the search engines that your brand is an authority in your industry.

3. Trustworthiness: Being an expert with authority will compel your brand into being trustworthy organically. When people know, like, and trust you it is very easy to become a source especially when you provide honest and accurate information.

Are there other important ranking factors? Absolutely but if you keep the entire process of blogging simple then you can thrive much better and E-A-T can help bloggers from overthinking the entire process.