What is VoWi-Fi Service?


From title it is known that, this is the process of calling via Wi-Fi. This means that Wi-Fi is necessary for this service. Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) is a term typically employed to describe the delivery of commercial telephony services using Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies from mobile devices connected across Wi-Fi.Like the rest, with the help of WiFi, you can do video and audio on WhatsApp. In the same way, with the help of VoWiFi service, you will be able to make audio and video calling from normal mobile, that too can be done absolutely free of cost.

Technical Analysis on Huawei VoWiFi Solution

For this, there is no need of a network in the mobile phone. VoWiFi is commonly available in select smartphones of Xiaomi and OnePlus. To enjoy this service, users have to make some changes in the settings of the phone. For this, it is mandatory to have 4G SIM, which supports Wi-Fi service. Also, a strong Wi-Fi network is also needed. This type of technology is the latest types of technology in current world.